Helianthus by Cara Blaine

Exhibition: April 3rd – June 8th

Opening Reception: April 3rd, 6-9pm

World’s Fair Gallery is pleased to Present HUMAN ≈ NATURE, New Works by Cara Blaine + Amanda Soule. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, April 3rd from 6-9pm at 268 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903.

Cara Blaine spends a lot of her time thinking about whether humans are a part of nature. Do plants and animals communicate with their environments in ways that are beyond our ability to measure? Are humans moving farther from these inherent abilities to connect with the Earth? Despite our many technologies, are we missing something? Over a decade since graduating from RISD with a BFA in Furniture Design, Cara has returned to school to pursue degrees in Biology and Botany. She is a full-time student and interdisciplinary artist living in Providence, RI.

Amanda Soule is a ceramicist living and working between Providence and Western Massachusetts. Amanda’s curvilinear forms are inspired by the extraordinariness of nature and are imbued with a gentle sense of humor and awe in the universe. In and out of the studio, Amanda thinks about the rippling effects of climate change, the nature of evolution and kindness. Amanda has a BA from Bennington College and works on her ceramics at Nicholson File Studios.

Amanda Soule’s sea of cups before firing

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