BUOYANCY Group Exhibition

Interpreter by Tayo Heuser

We’re pleased to announce BUOYANCY, the next show at our pop-up gallery space at 233 Westminster street. The exhibition opens at our downtown location on July 12th and runs through September 5th. Tableau artist and stylist Jocelyn Cabral will kick-off the residency on July 12th.


Airiness. The lightness of being. To Lift, drift or float weightlessly. To resist gravity. Full of light and filled to the brim.


Isabel Barnes, Tayo Heuser, Elizabeth Potenza, Nina Ruelle, Jon Watanabe, Mollie Webster & Jocelyn Cabral

photography by Isabel Barnes / paintings + sculpture by Tayo Heuser / lighting pendants by Elizabeth Potenza / textiles + marbled paper by Nina Ruelle / handblown vessels + glassware by Jon Watanabe / etchings by Mollie Webster / tableau + performance artifacts by Jocelyn Cabral

Vessels by Jon Watanabe


Rolling residency applications through July 26th. There are 4x one week-long residencies available in our gallery at 233 Westminster Street. You’ll have a live media wall, a 7-foot studio desk and a potential audience of gallery-goers. Email worldsfairgallery@gmail.com with a CV, a short project proposal to be considered.

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